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THE WORLD SONG a collaborative effort of international artists, who are voluntarily gathering their voices and sounds for the co-creation of a musical wake up call. To create real impact Elena gathered educational resources in a #Linktree for spreading the work of individuals, non profits and institutions who are working at the front to make a change, such as The Game Changers, Factory Farming Awareness Coalition (FFAC), Regenerative Future,etc.










Elena Shirin - World Song


Aunty Kuba, James Muschler, Grayson Fiske, Dominick Joseph Calabrese, Nnamdi Umi, Max Bogner  

Mixed & Mastered by Jordan Lipaz

#happyearthday #earthday #sustainablefashion #sustainability #climatechange #veganism



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Planetary Oscillation is an interactive surround sound installation, that allows the audience to experience the orbits of our solar system on an auditory level. The way sounds move through the room is based on the relationship between the eight planets of our solar system. Together with her husband, the Viennese artist Elena Shirin developed a mathematical system that translates astrological data (distance to the sun, size, orbital period) into different musical parameters (pitch, sustain, distortion, and panning).

The composition is continuously evolving as the patterns of the different orbits are unfolding their irregular relations in the form of rhythms.

In collaboration with dancer and choreographer, Victoria Primus, Elena developed

Planetary Oscillation Embodiment, using dance, vocals, and recordings from space to strengthen the immersive experience. The choreography and vocal performance are inspired by planetary characteristics and their mythological meaning.



They performed the piece at Bruckner University, Linz and at the music and art festival JOURNEY TO TARAB. 

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A song as a stage for visual arts, an exhibition as a music video: Three Austrian artists create a new dimension of intermedial exploration through the interaction of their creative resources. Crossing the Alps in a flying udder as a performative expedition sets a widely visible sign and marks the genesis of new perspectives. A tender voice out of the soul evokes intuitive bridges to higher spheres. Soundscapes and shapes intrinsically merge into an essence of perception: With irresistible ease, transformation spreads its wings and glides on the WINGS OF CHANGE into the alteration of the present.

sound, lyrics, vocals by Elena Shirin
making up by Lilian Peschek
directed by Barbara Anna Husar


all artworks available at galerie-im-venet-haus.de/

further artworks available at hilleckes-probst.de/ and galeriemaximilianhutz.at/

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HOLOMETABOL is the only German song of Elena's debut album FROM A TO BE. Connected to the song is an audio-visual odyssee dedicaded to the being, habits and inner and outter reality of a moth.
A sequence of encounters and long nights of observation with these mysterious night guardians triggered the creation of a photographic series and auditive interpretation of their world.

Original German Lyrics:


"Schwarz, gefüllte Ruhe.

Gedämpftes Auge, gespitztes Gehör.

Da kommt er

Mit brummender Kadenz.

Zelebrierendes Umkreisen.


Sterne, Mond, wo?

Lichter sowieso.

Einzelgänger, Schwarmschwimmer,

Fühlerfühler, Lichtjäger."

English Translation:

"Black, busy silence.

Subdued eyes, sharp ears.

There it comes

With a humming cadence.

Celebrating in circles.

Moonlight travels.


Stars, moon, where?

Lights everywhere.

Loner, Swarm Swimmer,

Feeler Feeler, Light Hunter. " 

Written and Produced by Elena Shirin. Always around midnight.



"Electric sparkling trip-hop & neo-soul...the follow-up of Erykah Badu, Lizz Wright, Jamila Woods or even Alicia Keys" – Groove Magazin (Germany)


On May 15th 2020 Elena Shirin released her debut album "FROM A TO BE" via Motor Entertainment and received a magnificent national as well as international media response.


After playing her first solo tour through the U.S. opening for Moon Hooch 

the vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, producer, photographer and audio-visual 

artist Elena Shirin collaborated with producers/musicians like Demuja (A), Nathaniel Markman of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros ‬(US), Moon Hooch (US), Oehl (A), Aramboa (A), Philipp Lichtblau (A),etc. allowed the Viennese singer to explore 

the wide range of musical and artistic interests that are interwoven in her album. 


At the age of 12 Elena found poetry and music as her own personal anchor 

and a way to express her self transformation. Mantras of love, trust and empathy are

scattered throughout her song writing. Transcending past her jazzy piano playing 

and soulful singing, Elena was constantly in touch with electronic music. 

While studying Photography and Audio-Visual Media she started recording and producing by age 15 and continued treating sound design as part of her compositions. Now cinematic soundscapes 

and energetic beats, deriving from classical music, jazz, tribal rhythm 

and hip-hop, oscillate around Elena's subtle yet profound lyrics.

With the first three singles the young artist already made it on #3 of the Austrian FM4 charts and got selected as the Fm4 Soundpark Act of the Month, May 2020. 

Since the release of her solo debut ‘FROM A TO BE’ Austria’s and Germany’s biggest newspaper and magazines like Musikexpress, Groove Magazin, Kronenzeitung, Kurier and many more took notice. She has around 8000 monthly listeners on Spotify, hit 40k streams of her single IMPLODE’XPLODE and received several Airplay Rotations in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, USA and Luxembourg since then.


Her flexible live setup allows Elena to not only touch people’s hearts in jazz bars but also make people dance to her beat driven electronic live set that satisfies the audience of clubs and festivals. 

In the last couple of years Elena performed as the singer of Aramboa at the Bushfire Festival in South Africa, at Festivals and Clubs all over Austria, Germany and Italy (Stream Festival, Grelle Forelle, JazzIt Salzburg, 

Auster Club, Aperititivo Al Verde Festival, Fluc Wanne ,etc.) and at showcase festivals like Taillinn Music Week in Estonia,Waves Vienna and Enea Springbreak in Poland, etc. 




Ihre Angaben wurden erfolgreich versandt.

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