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A song as a stage for visual arts, an exhibition as a music video: Three Austrian artists create a new dimension of intermedial exploration through the interaction of their creative resources. Crossing the Alps in a flying udder as a performative expedition sets a widely visible sign and marks the genesis of new perspectives. A tender voice out of the soul evokes intuitive bridges to higher spheres. Soundscapes and shapes intrinsically merge into an essence of perception: With irresistible ease, transformation spreads its wings and glides on the WINGS OF CHANGE into the alteration of the present.

sound, lyrics, vocals by Elena Shirin
making up by Lilian Peschek
directed by Barbara Anna Husar


all artworks available at galerie-im-venet-haus.de/

further artworks available at hilleckes-probst.de/ and galeriemaximilianhutz.at/

Planetary Oscillation

Planetary Oscillation is an interactive surround sound installation, that allows the audience to experience the orbits of our solar system on an auditory level. The way sounds move through the room is based on the relationship between the eight planets of our solar system. Together with her husband, the Viennese artist Elena Shirin developed a mathematical system that translates astrological data (distance to the sun, size, orbital period) into different musical parameters (pitch, sustain, distortion, and panning).

The composition is continuously evolving as the patterns of the different orbits are unfolding their irregular relations in the form of rhythms.

In collaboration with dancer and choreographer, Victoria Primus, Elena developed

Planetary Oscillation Embodiment, using dance, vocals, and recordings from space to strengthen the immersive experience. The choreography and vocal performance are inspired by planetary characteristics and their mythological meaning.



They performed the piece at Bruckner University, Linz and at the music and art festival JOURNEY TO TARAB. 

More coming soon!











Stairway Experience

Interconnecting spacial composition and it's history with music and poetry.

The acoustics of four historical stairways in Vienna get enliven by transmedial performances. Each musician represents one floor, while Elena moves around the staircase and embodies the audible center of the performance. Moving between documentary and staging, the project should be a multimedial experience, leading beyond the framework of the casual music performance.


So far there has been meetings with Austrian Bundeskanzleramt,

the Head of Cultural Department of SPÖ, the Center of Architecture Vienna and some sound specialists. First test recordings and scteches can be seen here.

Work In Progress


HOLOMETABOL is a audio visual odyssee dedicaded to the being, habits and inner and outter reality of a moth.
A sequence of encounters with these mysterious night guardians triggered the creation of a photographic series and auditive interpretation of their world.

Lyrics and Production (c) Elena Shirin

Villa 11 Rooms // Visualizing Sound 

When I was fourteen I collaborated with my dear friend Florentin Berger aka Toju Kae. One of the Songs is called 'Perception' which landed on rotation on Radio Fm4.

At the same time I recognized my intention to visualize sound very easily. When I played piano as a kid, I saw colours while improvising for hours. When I was in clubs, I could see patterns and lights moving around me.

Within graduating my studies "Photography and Audio Visual Media" in Vienna 2015, Toju Kae's album represented the basis of my diploma project 'Villa 11 Rooms // Visualizing Sound'.

The intension was to develop an audio-visual language based on my subjective interpretation.

Bringing my subconscious perception on a conscious level by defining the objects, places, etc. i receive and capture them in my real surrounding. 

Here you can see some notes, scetches of these first visuals I saw.

Eleven rooms, eleven tracks of the album therefore eleven different visual worlds, that symbolize the fusion of our senses.


The connection between photographic and pictorial technics we used should reflect this search of finding the surreal in our reality.

On the basis of the dreamy and surreal vibes he is transporting with his music, there are eleven visual interpretations for the eleven tracks, which should symbolize 11 Rooms you enter


, which allow you to engage into his world of sound. The images will be presented in three editions of a self-constructed Booklet.



Elena grew up in Vienna, Austria. Seventeen viennese apartments formed her experience of home. Open doors and artist gatherings on their kitchen floor were one of a few constants that guided her along the way. Living side by side a young self-employed mum gave Elena an early insight in how creative processes and project work is done. Also there were times when they had to save money to survive the next month. Thats where Elena started to define happiness indipendently of poverty or materialism. She was the happiest when she danced, drew her future farm house or sang for hours before she went to sleep.

By the age of seven she started to play piano but also recognized an aversion to work with sheet music. Instead of reading music she just learned by ear and created her own notation system to pick up the highlights of her improvisations.

Five years later a traumatic experience led Elena to write poems. That way she could reflect and process present emotions. At one point she discovered melody, rhythm and dynamic behind those lines.

This was Elenas’ very instinctive origin of creating music.

While studying‚ Photography and audio-visual Media’ at Höhere Graphische BLVA in Vienna, Elena started collaborations with different musicians and producers. By the age of fifteen her first airplay followed on RadioFM4.

She graduated school and won the price for ‚The Best Diploma Project of Photography 2015’ with her interdisciplinary project ‚VISUALIZING SOUND // Villa 11 Rooms’. Thats when she discovered her artistic climax of satisfaction in transarts. 

In the last couple of years the 22 year-old kept her main focus on the band project Aramboa. Electronic beat patterns, distorted guitar licks and warm horn sounds circulated around Elena’s voice and lyrics. After dropping their Debut Album in May 2017 and several Single Releases in 2018, they are now working on their second record. Their tours around europe included

Tallinn Music Week (EST), Stream Festival (A), Enea Spring Break (PL), Auster Club (GER), Café V Lese (CH), Aperitivo Alverde (IT) and many more.

Next tour highlight: Bushfire Festival in South Africa, May 2019.


By the experience of fusing live-instruments with high-end electronic music, Elena’s Debut Solo Album From A to Be reflects her risen interest and skill of sound production and composition. Also this record represents a very subtle diary of Elena’s art of living, as the album name implies. She is hosting musicians like

Wenzl Mcgowen (US), Koenig (AT), Penthy Roussies(PT),.. 



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